When it comes to installing underfloor heating, it’s essential to choose a brand that offers reliability, efficiency, and quality. At our underfloor heating company, we work with a range of reputable brands to ensure that our customers receive the best products and service tailored to their needs.

Some of the leading brands we install include:

  1. Nu-Heat: Nu-Heat is a well-established brand known for its innovative and energy-efficient underfloor heating systems. Their products are designed to provide optimum comfort and control, making them a popular choice among homeowners and businesses alike.
  2. Warm Up: Warm Up is another trusted brand that offers a wide range of underfloor heating solutions. Their products are known for their durability and flexibility, allowing for easy installation and customization.
  3. Heat-Matt: Heat-Matt specializes in electric underfloor heating systems. They offer a variety of heating mats and cables designed to fit different floor types and sizes, ensuring efficient and consistent heat distribution.
  4. Devireg: Devireg is a respected brand that provides high-quality thermostats and control systems for underfloor heating. Their products offer precise temperature regulation and user-friendly interfaces.
  5. Uponor: Uponor is a global leader in hydronic underfloor heating systems. They offer innovative solutions that combine energy efficiency, comfort, and durability, ensuring long-term satisfaction for customers.
  6. Thermo floor: Thermo floor is known for its wide range of electric underfloor heating products. Their systems are designed for easy installation and provide efficient heating solutions for various types of floors.
  7. Ebeco: Ebeco offers a comprehensive range of underfloor heating solutions, including electric and water-based systems. Their products are known for their reliability and energy efficiency.

These are just a few examples of the reputable brands we work with. Each brand has its own unique features and advantages, and our experienced installers will help you select the most suitable brand based on your specific requirements and preferences. We prioritize quality, performance, and customer satisfaction, ensuring that you receive a reliable and efficient underfloor heating system that meets your needs.

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