Underfloor Heating Repairs – Cold Spots

Cold spots can be a real pain, especially during winter. After a quick consultation, we quickly established that the pumps were no longer working well due to large amounts of sediments being found in the pipes. So, we upgraded the system and removed the sediment blocking the pipes.

This job was completed on the same day the phone call was made as this was something we have completed on many occasions over the last 15 years.

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Underfloor Heating Burst Pipe

The customer’s previous home visit turned out to be a disaster, The tiler had gone in to replace the tiles and ended up bursting the pipe.

This job was completed on the same day the customer called.

Underfloor Heating – Manifold Upgrade

The manifold is the heart of an underfloor heating (UFH) system, with a wide range of functions to ensure efficiency and performance.

An underfloor heating manifold acts as the control centre of the UFH system in order to address these issues, making sure that the correct flow of water is pumped into each zone in order to heat it to the correct temperature, as set by the installer using the supplied design information.

This job was completed in half a day. Our team have over 15+ years of experience in upgrading Manifolds. We use the latest technology and ensuring the temperature remains consistent

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