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Heatmiser is a market leader in the manufacture of room thermostats and controls for underfloor heating. Heatmiser has become one of the UK’s leading smart room thermostat manufacturers.

Heatmiser Thermostat


​The Heatmiser neoStat-e V2 is a smart thermostat for controlling electric underfloor heating. It can also be used for heating foils, heating mats, heating panels, and electric heaters.

The neoStat-e thermostat can work with neoKit sets or neoHub units (sold separately). Their use allows remote control of the thermostat, also via Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.

The kit includes:

  • NeoStat-e thermostat v2
  • Temperature sensor probe for installation on the floor (the thermostat can also work with existing 10K NTC sensors)

The thermostat is installed in a standard installation box. The neoStat-e

the thermostat is equipped with a built-in air temperature sensor, has battery protection against loss of settings (in the event of a power failure, the memory is battery-backed). The possibility of connecting the included floor temperature sensor allows the thermostat to strive to achieve the set temperature in the room without exceeding the set floor temperature. Special features of the thermostat:


Heatmiser Neohub


The Heatmiser neoHub connects to your home broadband router and wirelessly to the neoStats in your home. No special computer knowledge is required, simply plug into your router, create a FREE account via the Neo app and then take control of your heating, hot water and appliances from anywhere.

Heatmiser UH8 Wiring Centre


The Heatmiser UH8 is designed to work with our 4-channel 230v time clock (TM4) and 230v Set Back thermostat (DS-SB) but equally could be used with any 230v room thermostat. Up to 8 zones can be controlled from the UH8. On board, the UH8 are two heating channels, each allowing you to specify which time channel it should follow. 2 additional time channel connections are provided for hot water control or other auxiliary devices.

On-demand from any zone, a 230v output is provided to switch the relevant zone actuator, underfloor heating pump, and valve. A volt-free connection is supplied for the boiler, making it compatible with almost all types of boilers.

A simple slide switch makes zone 8 suitable for controlling a radiator zone. When used for controlling radiators, zone 8 does not enable the underfloor heating pump, valve, and boiler. Up to 4 actuators can be connected to each zone.

In addition, the UH8 offers DIN Rail Mounting and the enclosure has been designed so that you no longer need to drill cutouts for cable entry.

8 Zone Underfloor Heating Manifolds


Pre-assembled distribution 8 zone underfloor heating manifolds;  2 – 12 ports complete with isolating ball valves, adjustable flow meters, fill and drain points, automatic air vents.

Stainless Steel manifold pre-assembled for immediate mounting for both radiator and underfloor systems

  • Available in 1” and 1¼” sizes, from 2 ways to 12 ways with integral flow control valves to suit a wide range of system requirements
  • Can be surface mounted, concealed in a choice of purpose-designed plastic or metal cabinets, or within a partition wall for a flexible solution to location
  • Manifold flow and return outlets are offset for space saving and ease of installation
  • Suitable for all sizes of manifold adaptors (eurocones)


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