If the idea of underfloor heating has crossed your mind for your residential or commercial space, you may be curious about the timeline for turning on the system after laying the screed. While the answer varies based on certain factors, it’s recommended to wait for a minimum of seven days before activating your underfloor heating.

Here’s why:

Essentially, a screed refers to a thinly applied combination of cement and sand that’s commonly utilized to establish a level and smooth surface on top of a concrete subfloor. This is typically done in preparation for the eventual installation of a final flooring material, and the layer of screed itself usually ranges in thickness from 50 to 75 millimeters.

When installing underfloor heating, it is crucial to recognize that the screed necessitates sufficient time for drying and solidifying. This curing phase involves the release of moisture from the screed. Failure to wait for the screed to dry appropriately before activating the underfloor heating may result in harm to the heating system due to excess moisture.

It’s advised to refrain from activating your underfloor heating for a minimum of seven days to ensure the screed is completely dry and moisture-free. Keep in mind that various factors can influence the drying period.

Thicker screed layers need more time to dry and harden in comparison to the thinner ones.

The drying process can be expedited with increased temperature and humidity in the room, whereas reduced temperature and humidity levels may impede it.

Screeds are diverse and each type takes a varying amount of time to dry.

Typically, adhering to the drying time suggested by the manufacturer of the screed is a wise decision, as it may fluctuate anywhere between a period of seven to twenty-eight days.

After the screed has completed its drying and curing process, you are allowed to activate the underfloor heating equipment. Nonetheless, it is crucial that you operate it cautiously and gradually, keeping the temperature increase to a maximum of 5°C per day until you hit your ideal temperature. This measure is necessary for averting any potential harm to the screed or underfloor heating system.

It is imperative to wait seven days before activating your underfloor heating system subsequent to screeding. It ensures that the screed is wholly dried and treated, and helps avoid harming the underfloor heating system. Adhering to the drying time suggested by the underfloor heating expert is also crucial.

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