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Traditionally speaking most people used Gas boilers for their homes. However, these have been found to be not efficient in distributing heat throughout a building as them being bad for the environment because making gas releases carbon emissions, which cause global warming.

In comes, the HIU. Heat Interface Units are incredibly efficient and do the same function as a gas boiler whilst still being environmentally friendly.

Other benefits include easy installation in particular for new developments as previously before gas boilers required their own gas supply,

it’s easier to be compliant with health and safety as well as you no longer need to be gas compliant and, finally accurate metering makes billing far easier especially when you have a multitude of properties.

HIU Experienced Engineers

Our engineers have more than a decade of experience in HIU repairs. All repairs and servicing is completed to the highest standard. This experience and knowledge allow us quickly diagnose any issues with your HIU on the 1st visit. Our team is fully trained to service Heat Interface Units.


We are able to provide support in other ways for example perhaps you need a written diagnosis on the fault to forward to your supplier OR we can speak to them on your behalf.

Contact us today on 07549383852 to speak with an expert who can provide an initial consultation as well as a diagnosis or fill out the form below.


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